Physical therapist


Treating an individual with persistent pain is arguably the most complex patient you will ever encounter. Finding mentorship with this population is difficult.  If you have questions, you’re in the right place.


If you’ve taken pain courses, and felt that it was a lot to process in a two day course and are still scratching your head when the patient is in front of you, or you don’t know which tool to use when, you're in the right place

I help therapists make sense of their patients in pain, put the pieces together, and help their patients develop strategies for self-management in order to restore their personhood.


I was solo on my pain knowledge journey. I went to courses, read, and practiced. But I had no one to mentor me, or hash out a patient with. Managers would schedule the "difficult" patients with me. I treated my patients in hiding to avoid the judgement of the tissue based masses. I would give lectures and in-service the staff and ultimately decided the best way was for me to treat in the middle of the gym and let them look and ask questions. These patients are complex individuals. Let's start talking about treating them better and guiding patients to regain their power over their lives.